Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)

If your radio control car is in an inevitable rush, its battery must have charged to reach out to the destination. In this case, one of the Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars can lead the way to accomplish your desires.

R/C enthusiasts can realize the pain when in halfway their battery drains out or gets damaged in a few days after the purchase. All this happens due to a lack of knowledge about which the charger will be most suitable for your Lipo battery. Besides, you can't just go for any charger whichever you like. Different cells have a particular voltage range, so you need to find out which one will be consistent enough unless you don't want to blow up your battery into a ball of flames.

Here we will give you some suggestions to wipe out your stress to select a compatible charger for Lithium polymer batteries. We all know Lipo has been a very prominent choice in the radio control industry.

Review of Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars


Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port

Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)
Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port

If you have an interest in a versatile device, we would say your exhausted searching mission is over here. The Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port, Fast LiPo Charger with AC Power, is the absolute charger for the one who is peeking around for a versatile gadget. Moreover, it is an accurate stock in the market for all RC fancier as they have expected, which delivers fast charging & protects your battery at the same time. 

Multiple Modes

The Hobbymate Duo charger can operate 4 primary modes. The balance charging, discharge, fast &manual charge all of these includes here. You can use these whenever you want. 

Temperature Director

In the case of overheating, this charger started discharging power to avoid any kind of explosion.

USB Output Port

It has a USB output port that can use to charge multiple appliances. You can connect via USB port with your PC to upgrade the charger's firmware. 

Storage Ability

Besides, it can store up to 10 charging profiles, so there will be no trouble of reconfiguring the charger every time you charge different battery packs. Hence you can consider it is as the best battery pack charger for cars. 

Charge Multiple Batteries

Surprisingly, this charging device can charge two different batteries at a time, by using its dual detached charging ports. It arrives with a combined 300-watt power allowance; through this, you can ensure for rest that this unit will provide a precise outcome to all your charging requirements.

Why We Liked

Well, The Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port, Fast LiPo Charger with AC Power it's all about executions; perhaps it is one of the best chargers based on performance and versatility. So, don't wonder why it has a bit higher price rate.


  • Easy to use.
  • Contains lots of features for outstanding performance and versatility.
  • Comes with optimized operating software for enhanced control.
  • It can use to charge several kinds of batteries.
  • It has the ultimate number of security features.
  • Provide a 12-month warranty.
  • Manufactured to operate adequately with RC units.


  • ‌Comparatively costly
  • Its comprehensive compatibility is partially lacking.
  • The charging channels may come to a defect with time.
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)


Air Dual Power Balancing Battery Charger

Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)
Air Dual Power Balancing Battery Charger

Are you the kind of guy who admires unique equipment to work with? Then the B680AC Air Dual Power Balancing Battery Charger is what you want for your charging inventory. To charge LiPo batteries, this unit is the perfect charging package.

Supports AC/DC

This charger can charge AC devices by its AC/DC power ports, which helps it give an outstanding performance while charging because of its worldwide voltage compatibility, which means you can use the charger anywhere you go.

Integrated Cooling Fan

The B680AC charger consists of a mobilized cooling fan that cools down the rising temperature and keeps it safe.

Multiple Safety Elements

Protection features entail a capacity to cut off, safety timer, and peak sensitivity for maximum safety against damage to the unit and your batteries.

Extra Charging Accessories

It has a minimum of 5 charging leads for versatility and increased charging options.

Why Suggested

It has the highest options at an affordable price, it shows the specified voltage rating in the product data, and it's cells are protected by an electronic circuit.


  • Unique battery charger
  • A wide range of battery chemistries
  • Integrated cooling fan for long-lasting durability
  • Maximum safety features
  • Available at affordable price
  • Has a one-year warranty


  • Warranty duration is not satisfying
  • ‌Sometimes the charger does not deliver accurate readings.
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)


SkyRC V2Dual Power Lipo AC / DC Professional Battery Charger

Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)
SkyRC V2Dual Power Lipo AC / DC Professional Battery Charger

In general, today's markets are overflowing with numerous counterfeit a genuine LiPo charger, which works according to its portrayal then evaluate procuring, its none other than the SkyRC iMAXB6AC V2 Dual Power LiPo AC / DC Professional Battery Charger. This charger appears with a credible serial number, as a proof of its authenticity.

Safety Features

This battery charger appears with bunches of security features such as an automatic charging capacity limit, current limit, duration limit, and temperature limit. These features assure that the batteries do not overcharge.

Upgradable Firmware

It has a USB port that certifies for PC connectivity. You can monitor the charger using your PC or upgrade the firmware anytime from the SKyRC website at no additional cost.

Battery Storage

The charger can hold up to 10 different charging/discharging profiles. It does mean that there is no need to reprogram your device when charging different types of batteries.

Upgrade Charger

It has a PC control feature in it; with this, you can simply regulate its ultimate voltage to conform to your battery's requirements. In the case of performance, no other device can beat this.

Cell Count

This device can work as a battery internal resistance meter. It can also regulate and balance each battery cell individually during the process of discharging.

Why Buy

You can get PC connectivity by this charger, and it not too bulky.

So, no more beating around the bush, grab your professional battery charger.


  • Comparatively affordable.
  • Lightweight layout, easy to carry out.
  • It has PC/Smartphone software for unprecedented control.
  • Enhanced versatility.
  • Contains a one-year warranty.


  • If safety instructions are not maintained, the accident could take place. 
  • ‌Sometimes direct to misconceptions about voltage range.
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)


​Venom Pro 2 AC / DC LiPo Battery Charger

​Venom Pro 2 AC / DC LiPo Battery Charger

Are you sick of obtaining chargers that barely work at your time of need? Here you go.

Multiple Discharge Profiles

Without shortening the battery life, it can support many discharge rates, which makes it standard for discharging. The charger supports internal obstruction testing, which makes it easier to test the capacity of individual cells.

Recallable Memory Profiles

You can charge five different types of batteries without retaining any problem to reprogram the charger settings with its recallable storage profiles.

AC/DC Input

Through this can charge different AC/DC devices you want 

Thermal Temp Alarm

This charger automatically goes off when something wrong happens during charging; before that, if it started generates heat, it warns you with its programmable Thermal Temperature Alarm. 

Why Recommended

All these spectacular specifications make the Venom brand quite prominent with hobbyists and RC enthusiasts. So, what are you waiting for?


  • ‌Ergonomic structure for enhanced relief
  • Multiple high edges forms for boosted efficiency
  • Has primary safety and durability features 
  • Five charging profiles
  • Contains multiple adapters
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Sometimes charger tends to pull apart.
  • AC/DC plugs can have some issues. 
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)


Traxxas EZ-peakplus Nimh / Lipo Fastcharger

Traxxas EZ-peakplus Nimh / Lipo Fastcharger

Buy this charger today and jump on to celebrate your wins, endless fun while operating your RC cars because it would be one that you are waiting for.

3 Charge Modes

It has three charging modes to fulfill all your charging requirements. These include storage mode, balance mode, and fast mode.


The charger consists of a LED bar that specifies the status of the charging function.

Legacy-battery Support

You can configure your charger manually to boost older batteries.

Built-in Cooling Fan

The Traxxas 2970 charger consists of a built-in cooling fan for rapid heat overindulgence. It prevents overheating and makes sure prolonged machine life.

Charging Profiles

It can identify the charging profiles of various batteries.

Safety Feature

The charger plays up a one-button charging profile that protects your device’s battery from destruction. 

​Why This

It has a built-in cooler, making this device way safer than other & pricing is quite healthy.


  • ‌Safest option
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrated cooling fan for extended machine life
  • Multiple charging modes for maximum results
  • Extra ports for conventional LiPo batteries
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Backed by a Traxxas lifetime electronics warranty


  • ‌Supports LiPo and NiMH batteries only
  • Not much reliable. 
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)


Venom Produo Lipo/lihv and Nimh RC Battery Balancecharger

Venom Produo Lipo/lihv and Nimh RC Battery Balancecharger

If you are talking about RC battery packs and chargers' production, there is no alternative to the venom brand. Their battery can supply more power that this assumes as the best charger for cars and air compressor.

Power Cutoff

This charger comes with an automatic shut off function. As a result, it cuts the supply of power in case of any spikes in current.

Overheat Protection

With the temperature protection feature, this charger automatically adjusts the charging power in case of overheating.

Control Interface

The Venom Pro Duo shows a 5-button user interface that lends you unparalleled control over the device. It also has a brightly-lit LCD screen that enables you to appoint voltage and other settings quickly. 

Balance Charging

This 7.0 Amp charger can efficiently balance, charge, and discharge a wide range of batteries that come with multiple cells. It is also capable of automatically detecting the current rate of individual cells, allowing for efficient charging.

Multiple Battery Charger

Two different batteries can be charged by venom at once. Starring two charging circuits that arrive combined with their 80W power allowances, you can charge your dual battery pack without reducing the amplifier.

Why Get

This charger is enough portable; it can be proved as the best charger for RC car and air compressor as it can supply much power.

No need to look for another charger when it is available at a 100 bucks with an exclusive lifetime warranty.


  • Comes with a carrying handle for enhanced portability
  • Supports dual charging
  • Incorporates guarding features for cautious charging
  • It has multiple charging leads
  • Provide audible warnings
  • Maintenance is quite effortless 
  • Available at reasonable price 
  • Comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty


  • It does not have USB ports so can't have PC connectivity
  • Venom offers poor customer service.
Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars (Review & Buying Guide)

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars

Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars

Most often people do research on which batteries to buy when using an electric-powered RC car but don't pay much attention to its charger. Choosing a compatible charger is way more crucial because, commonly, they get a charger with inefficient power; either it provides less or delivers too much power. A lack of identical features may affect your RC acquaintance. So, it is essential to make some inquiry on chargers before purchasing, no more worries we are here to help you with some considerable aspects of the adequate Lipo battery charger.


Types of Charger 

Firstly, you need to decide which type of charger will be suitable for your battery. 

  • Programmable- If you want to charge your battery fast, you can go for a programmable charger; it comes with many digital features like temperature sensors, the meter of battery health, etc. Sometimes it offers to overcharge it can cause harm to your battery.
  • Non-Programmable- It is the plug & plays charger. If you have much time in your hand, you can use it; it is quite slow but affordable. 

Proper Understanding of Current Rate 

To make current flow to it needs to maintain the voltage between the charger & the pack. Inappropriate current rating might defect the battery. 1C to 2C current rated chargers are good to go with. 


Power Output

To calculate your power output, know how much power your LipoLipo can take & the charger can provide, its equation will be like P= V*I. How much time your battery takes to charge itself depends on the power output. When you go to buy your charger, ensure that it meets the exact power requirement. 


Charging Modes

In general, lipo battery chargers provide 4types of mood; you can change it according to your preferences. 

  • Discharge- If you forget to cut out the power even if it's fully charged meanwhile, it will drain out the battery for your safety measure.
  • Balanced charging- During charging, it monitors the voltage range of individual cells to maintain the balance, don't let it increases or drops below the required voltage range. 
  • Storage & Fast chargeUse these modes according to your time preference‌. Storage mode is safe because it starts storing your battery at a 40%-50% charge, but It's quite time-consuming. On the other hand, fast mood charges your battery fast but can cause damage. 

Before buying your product, you need to gather knowledge about what works in which situation.



Security Features

It's a known fact that Lipo batteries can blast anytime if it does not use properly. Before buying notice, all the security features it contains.



Remember that a good quality charger comes with a reasonable price & the highest options can raise the price. So, make a list of your requirements then decide a price range for your product by comparing. 

These are the few facts that you should take into consideration before purchasing the best battery charger.


How to choose the Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars

Lipo batteries proved as a game-changer to remote control devices for its super-fast charging quality & durability. However, these batteries' performance depends on how efficient their chargers are. If you are having trouble selecting the best LiPo charger for your RC battery packs? Take a look to get a few tips that will help you to find out the most suitable charger for your LipoLipo.

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to choose a charger that is compatible with the distinguishing features of the battery. As mentioned before, it should maintain the coherence between the voltage range and the amount of current it is going supply. Or else it will be a recipe for disaster.
  • The magnitude and portability of the lipo charger entirely depend on personal priority. If you are gazing for something lighter, you can easily hold up with your air compressor, so it is necessary to check the dimensions of the charger you specify.
  • The amount of voltage on a lipo charger permits you to define what kind of power source you can manage. Whether a power adapter, serves the usual voltage rate is 100-240 V.
  • Moreover, don’t buy chargers without a built-in power supply. 
  • To check your battery cell voltages & test to other joints, some companies provide digital multimeter with their charger before buying, make sure your product has this kind of facility.
  • It's better to grab a charger with an LED backlight display. It will show you the voltage rate of each cell.
  • For those who would like to connect to different devices that are compatible with a USB port, it is essential to select a lipo charger with USB ports for you to use.
  • An automatic alarm system help as the device systematically shuts down after warning the user of its inevitable overheating. It does extend not only the life of your batteries but also the long-term reliability of the charger itself.
  • Then again, buy the one which can secure the cell count of battery & has temperature dictation and limit the setting for overheat protection. 
  • To charge multiple batteries at a time, your charger should have a bank of the power supply system. Like when it will be necessary, you can use it. 
  • One of the primary factors to speculate is your lipo charger has a warranty or not?. Though some assurances do not wrap damages or dropping you might cause, they pay attention only to malfunctioning or technical issues that you may overlook with the device.

​I think if you follow these instructions before buying, you can make your car fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Here are some following questions for your precise observations.


Can I Charge a Lipo Battery With a Nimh Charger?

The pillow for Vertigo should be not too soft, but firm enough to hold the shape of your body. Too softer ones can collapse/shrink due to your heavyweight; thus, you won't get the benefit of it properly.


How to Charge Multiple Lipo Batteries at Once?

The process of charging multiple lipo batteries can be dangerous if you lack knowledge on how to do that. Understanding battery safety is a must before performing. Four things will be needed to charge multiple batteries at once.

  • A charger
  • Charger adapters, 
  • A parallel charger board,
  • Batteries.

In the beginning, connect the adopter and board with the charger then start to connect batteries to the board. While comparing the cells, be careful about plugging each battery in one side then reversely the other one. However, don't forget to maintain the balance between voltage and time. 


How to Charge Lipo Batteries Without a Balancer?

This is an entirely debatable question to ask. You can do it through transformers, but it's going to be a lengthy process and a bit tough. We would recommend you to buy an external balancer.


Why Won't My Lipo Battery Charge?

A possible reason could be a broken connection on your Lipo charger, so check it with a continuity tester. Another reason can be over-discharged cells while using the Lipo battery set your ESC voltage cut-out to avoid this type of trouble.


From above all, we would recommend you the B680AC Air Dual Power charger. This charger comes with such various fantastic features despite its simple design. Additionally, it is incredibly inexpensive, and this makes it the perfect choice for the people who are gazing for a cheap, but reliable charging option. Nevertheless, do not wait for so long to grab your piece today and transform your RC hobby immediately.

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